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The Montreal Biodome and lunch at Robin des Bois

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We drove all the way to Montreal and got to our place at around 10 p.m. It was a room in the University of Montreal residence. Something happened with mom's credit card so we lost our reservation and they shoved us in another building far away, where there were masses of fruit flies in the sink and an elevator that smelled like body odour.

We went out for a late dinner at a trendy bar near Cote des Neiges called Saint Houblons. They had a delicious poutine with a duck sandwich that we shared, along with a pitcher of hefeweizen. Delicious. There was also a 24 hour local fruit and vegetable market where we bought our healthy fruit breakfast for the next day

Back at our hotel, the construction woke us up early in the morning, so we had our fruit and moved on out. Mom wanted to take Dad to the Biodome but I just wasn't interested, so I went on a bagel buying expedition. I bought a half dozen at St. Viateur and Fairmount for our drive home in the afternoon.

We only had one camera, so here are mom's pictures from the Biodome:


On our way back downtown for lunch at Robin des Bois, the subway broke down. Someone got hurt, similar to last time I was in Toronto. However in Montreal, when the subway breaks down, you can't just grab a streetcar going the same way and take it to your destination. You have to take a strange bus. The angry subway station man didn't know anything about the shut down of the subway, or how long it would be. He just sent me out to get bus 15. We waited a few minutes for that bus and an angry old heroin addict woman was grumbling the whole time.

When I got on the bus, I asked how to get to St. Laurent. It took longer than five seconds, so this crazy woman started blurting out a long string of profanity at me and told me to learn how to use the bus. I told her to stop being rude and that I'd stay there all day if I wanted to, and the bus would never leave! The bus driver was kind and in between her insane harassment, he told me to get off in two stops and switch to another bus.

I figured I'd just stand at the front and wait for my stop because it was difficult to see exactly where we were getting off, but my heroin addict friend felt the need to tell me otherwise. She came back up to the front of the bus and continued abusing me with more disgusting profanity. I wasn't going to take it anymore so I started yelling right back. She said something like...

"Where have YOU been? You don't know nothin'!"


"Oh little rich girl! Get off the bus you don't know what you're doing!"

And I spun around yelling back at her to shut up again, when her weird boyfriend/husband stood up like he needed to defend her, and then my mom felt the need to get between us.

"Ohhhh you need your mommy to come save you!" and then she began abusing my mom.

It happened to be our stop, like I said, all this happened in between two bus stops. It was the most verbal abuse I have received in my life all squished into about two minutes.

That woman was absolutely insane. Someone like that would never survive anywhere else but Canada. We pay for her medical bills every time she gets punched in the face or overdoses on whatever drug she's doing. Sometimes it makes me sick. People living in a bubble of insane anger like that don't deserve to live at all. I don't even care. She needs to be put into an institution, not let loose on the streets like that. Just completely insane.

We went on our way, finally getting to Robin des Bois. I felt really stupid for not being patient enough to wait for the subway to come back on again, but we made it in one piece for an amazing lunch.


After that, we drove right home, through the terrors of Montreal traffic at 3 p.m. We sampled our bagels for dinner, and I have now decided that St. Viateur is hands down the best bagel in Montreal. Not too fluffy, perfectly chewy and a little crunchy on the outside.

Finally, we picked the dog up at the sitters at about 10:30 p.m. We left everything in the car and passed out dead in our soft beds.

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