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Day 7: Kambos

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Day 7: I was just following the Lonely Planet "island hopping" itinerary for a while, so it said to "hike under the shade of the mountains in the orange groves" in central Chios. I wasn't sure exactly where to go but I knew there was an orange farming museum just outside of town.

I took the bus back early in the morning and I was freezing. I decided I needed my North Face jacket. If it was this cold here, I knew it would get colder if I went anywhere north of here. And I knew I would be going north eventually. It was even drizzling a little bit as I made my way back to Theodore and my bag. I was just about dying. I put on another pair of pants, stashed a pair of long johns and put on my nice warm jacket. Now, I believed I was ready for the rest of the month.
I bought my ticket for the ferry which was leaving the next morning. There was a city bus going out to the citrus museum in a few minutes so I took that one.

The museum was really nice, but probably better in summer. Everything here is probably better in summer. There was a big orange business around here up until 1960, when shipping technology improved and people got their oranges from further away where they were cheaper I suppose. There was a video about how the government needs to invest more money into the orange business or it will completely die. Kind of depressing but I don't know how to make a museum. I really liked the style of the well, it was powered by animals and the water got scooped from under the ground and poured into canals that fed the trees.

There were very attractive restored mansions and other crumbling ones all along my route to my hotel for the night, Topakas House.
It was an old farm house, and the woman who ran it was too busy even to provide me with water.
I was not happy about that. I tried to drink boiled tap water but it tasted like salt. You can't have salty tap water and not supply people with fresh water at a hotel. She's not getting a very good review, that's for sure. She even lied about how far the supermarket was. She said it's 400 metres away but actually it's 850. Is this Greek measurement? Ugh, so bad.

I still had some of my own water so I went for a hike down to the beach. Who did I see there, but my old pal George from the fishing port. He was not happy to see me. He quickly got in his car and drove away. I couldn't find anyplace to eat lunch besides a bakery. I bought three pastries (for lunch, dinner and breakfast). I knew I wasn't getting any breakfast at this place. And they were very good pastries anyway.

I did some laundry quickly in the machine and hoped they would be dry by the morning. I fell asleep at 5 p.m.

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great pictures! It looks like such a beautiful place.

by Shuggie

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