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January 18, 2019 Captain Hook's homestay

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I had a great breakfast of coffee, omelette and heart shaped rice. I was a little disappointed they randomly put noodles in my omelette though. We took off on our motorcycles, but for whatever reason, Estelle and Matt didn’t want to lead, even though they had the better map on their phone. I only had a paper map.
We stopped at three waterfalls that day. The first was not so great, but the second one was beautiful and we stayed there for lunch. I had a papaya salad as usual. We swam in the pool at the bottom of the crashing water and went on our way.
We stopped for a coffee at a plantation and admired the coffee beans on the trees.
The last waterfall was a little strange, because some French people told us the dam would flood at 4 p.m. It didn’t. We went and jumped into a little swimming hole behind it. I was a little frightened still, but a quick look in Lonely Planet showed no such flooding, and there were no signs around, so I followed.


I screamed, "Hello", but couldn't hear them. Matt heard me but thought I was a cat. By the time I got to them, I hardly had time to swim, but that's fine. I'm not that into it anyway. I was already waterfalled out.
For sleeping, we ended up at Captain Hook's homestay, which I would not recommend to anyone because of the way the owner dealt with some creepy Swiss tourists.

At first, I saw them handing out toys and candy to all the kids. I thought that was a bit weird. Then at dinner, they were looking at naked pictures of 10-12 year old girls. I heard Mr. Captain Hook say "Yes, we have nice girls here..." and I looked over and the fat one had a catalogue style photo of two young girls standing there doing nothing on his tablet. I thought I would see some bikini lady and laugh, but I felt sick to my stomach when I saw it was a young girl. I couldn't eat anymore and went to bed. But I couldn't sleep so I got up and saw two young girls, dressed in their best clothes, waiting outside the dining area. What/who were they waiting for? The Swiss guys were downstairs playing games with the other children, and I decided to just watch them and see what they did. "Captain Hook" asked me what I was doing there and I told him if he didn't have anything to do with prostituting these young children, then he's at least part of the problem. Mr. Captain Hook said he was disappointed in these men and thanked me for bringing the problem to his attention. He immediately whisked the two Swiss men away to another building for the night. I don't know what happened to those two fancy girls. They weren't there when I went back to bed. I have no idea to what extent Captain Hook is involved in child trafficking, if any at all, but something very strange is going on in that village.


Then, it got even worse. At first Gustav didn't want to believe me about the whole thing. Fine, whatever, I know what I saw, it doesn't matter what he thought. So I tried to sleep, but the hut was drafty and the mattress was nonexistent.

"Gustav I'm cold," I said.

"I'm NOT cuddling you."

What the hell... his ego was ridiculous, that was the last thing I was suggesting. What a loser. Somehow I fell asleep after all that, but I have no idea how.

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