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February 7-8, 2019, Ao Nang, Thailand

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Mom decided she'd be OK to continue on to Railay beach, so we took a fancy bus to Krabi. I sat with a really happy Italian guy who had just started his one year trip around the world. Mom and dad had to chase some Russians out of some seats. They had their bags all over the place and there were no seats left on the bus.
One hour into the bus ride I had to pee really bad. I figured I wasn't the only one, so I asked the bus driver to stop. He didn't really want to, but a bunch more people asked and then he finally did. He was yelling at us to run and go faster the whole time. Ugh.

Then, when we arrived he dropped us off 1.5 km outside of the town of course. So instead of buying another ticket from these jerks, we walked to the pier.

I had bought some breakfast but we didn't eat it on the bus. We found a little park and had a picnic before overloading the boat to Railay beach. They kept shoving more and more people on the boat, it was so terrible. It was the worst boat ride of my life, hands down. And I have been on a good many boats in my life, I tell you what.

Then on Railay, I thought we could possibly walk to the rock climber/hippy part of the island. It was not that easy. Mom sent me to go scout it out, but I thought it would've been too difficult with her ankle so swollen. There wasn't even a door to get into the hotel. Just a crappy bamboo ladder perched on top of the wall that surrounded the whole place. Every time you wanted to leave, or go home, you'd have to climb over the wall. It's easy for rock climbers but probably not for an old lady with a swollen ankle. Clearly they were trying to keep the masses out of there as part of their marketing scheme.
So I went back and we tried to find another place to stay. After climbing up and down the steep stairs to five or six places, we just gave up. We went for a swim while dad had a coconut and then hopped a boat to Ao Nang. Railay beach was really overhyped and way too expensive. I am noticing an overhyped and overpriced trend in Thailand, aren't you? Do not recommend.
Once in Ao Nang, after a normally loaded boat ride, we quickly found a cheap small hotel, which my mom was overly excited about because of the towels folded like elephants and two normal sized windows. We went to find a restaurant on Trip Advisor, but found it was closed. So, we settled on pork and sticky rice with coconut water and Thai whiskey.
February 8, 2019

We didn't do much all day besides sleep on the beach. Dad brought us some smoothies and we walked around looking for lunch. Finally we settled on cheap pad thai and dad got shrimp cakes. The waiter at the restaurant told dad to come back for dinner in a kind of whisper that is normally reserved for selling prostitutes, so that was a little more than weird to me. After that, we got more smoothies and watched the sunset on the same beach.
The red colours were really beautiful and we amused ourselves by watching stray dogs run off with people's shoes while they took hundreds of selfies in front of the sun. We laughed and didn't help them when they found one of their shoes was missing. One poor little boy even got yelled at for five minutes straight by his ignorant parents for losing his shoe. Then his dad found it all the way down the beach in the middle of a pack of dogs.

Mom and Dad went to watch a fire show at some overpriced bar that night and I went to bed early. I've seen poi before, it's not my thing, thanks.

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