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It's like the freaking Autobahn out here!

So, I get back on the bike and head out to my final destination, Chicago. The skies are clear and it looks like it's going to be a nice ride. The strangest thing happens though, everyone is going REALLY fast. My motorcycle doesn't have miles on it, so I never know just how fast I'm going, but 110 should be fast enough, don't you think? Most people are just motoring past me like maniacs. OK whatever.

Soon, it gets dark and the sky is lit up from all sides due to lightning and thunderstorms. I figure it's not going to hit Chicago. Boyyyyyyy am I wrong. As soon as I pull in, the rain starts falling. I'm so close now that I can't give up! I follow everybody onto the toll road, so there is hopefully less traffic, and there is. Everyone is going really slow, which suits me just fine. There have got to be more than 16 lanes on this crazy highway. I can't figure out where to get off. Luckily Suzanne lives outside of downtown, I gradually find my way there, stopping to ask for directions at least three times.

Once I get to her place, I know no one is going to be there. I drop off my stuff on her porch and go in search of a phone. I find a nice young thug who lets me borrow his Blackberry. Suzanne says she will come and take a cab so she can let me in quickly! Aw, Suzanne, you are so nice. By the time I get back, she has just pulled up in her cab and is running over. We go up to her place, and she cooks me some fresh tuna! With hummus and whiskey! Wow!

After the rain stops we go out and find a more appropriate parking spot, whilst brandishing a high ball glass of spirits each. Suzanne spots a car pulling out of one spot and she stands there. A car passes by and makes conversation. By now she is holding both of our glasses and she must look like either a woman of the night or a crazy lady to these people in the car. When I push my motorcycle to the spot she is standing in, they pull away. It was funny, you had to be there, I think.

Suzanne cooking up a storm

Suzanne cooking up a storm

Me vs. tuna

Me vs. tuna

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