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Taking the VIA home and the Montreal basilica

This morning, we all woke up late, and I had a train to catch at 1 p.m. so I couldn't attend the breakfast across town at Cafe Nagua. Oh well.

I ate some ice cream leftover from last night, drank some of JP's really great coffee and snacked on some bread from yesterday.

Josh offered to drive me to the train station before he went to the breakfast, and I gladly accepted, still being extremely sick and tired and ready to totally die.

Yay for Josh!

I gave JP some bus tickets that I had left over and said goodbye to JP, Normand and his cute grey striped cat, Leo. He was meowing this morning, so I fed him and I think we shared a moment, there in the morning light shining in the kitchen window.

After getting a little turned around driving to the train station, I told Josh to visit Ottawa sometime. Someone must organize a large(ish) event in Ottawa like Laurence did in Quebec methinks.

My train left on time, arrived in Montreal on time, so I had about an hour to walk around the city for a bit. It was not a nice day, rainy and grey, so I walked down the street slowly, not feeling too great, and then I heard some really pretty music. Not really knowing if it was coming from inside my head or not, I followed the sounds to the place where I thought the music was coming from. It turned out to be coming from the Basilica of Montreal. It seems that everytime I am bored in a strange city, I am always lured to a local religious venue by some sort of event or another, strange. This time, I was just in time for an afternoon Sunday mass.

The basilica was as expected, very beautiful, but the priest was speaking in French so I didn't really understand what he was saying. I could only stay for about a half hour, so I sat at the back with all my personal effects around me. I looked like a homeless person. The night before, my jacket and sweater had gotten knocked onto the disgusting alcohol drenched floor of Sacrilege, and had dried a crusty brownish grey colour overnight. Nice. I had to wear the sweater and coat all the way home. Does it get any better than that? I guess not. God loves me whether I have bar-juice on my sweater or not, I guess.

All in all, my trip to Quebec was a success. I can honestly say that I'm completely exhausted, quite often the end result I strive for when traveling on my own, or with like-minded people. So I give me an A+ for that.

Coming down with a cold, and possibly infecting other people that care about me, not so much. I guess I get an C+ for that one.

Average that mark out, and what do you get? Hmm... not so good at math... Maybe a B?

Trip to Quebec = success, but not resounding. Amen.

Tune in for my next adventure, touristing around AnimeCon in Toronto March 15-16, see you then.


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