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The crazy insane party in Burlington

So the customs crossing was wonderful. The guy was courteous and friendly and didn't even question me that much.

From there, it's only 45 minutes to Burlington and it was only midnight. I told Brandon I'd get there at 1 and it looked like I'd actually be punctual. Even with the gas and urination ordeals. Things were looking up.

He told me to call him around midnight, so when I see the next gas station I fill up again (can't be too cautious about the gas tank you know)

Brandon is not answering the phone... crap... so I leave a message...

I find his house pretty easily and he told me there was a key in a flower pot on the stoop. There was a flower pot, but no key... Even I swished my hands around in the dirt and didn't find it. Bah!

So I wander around for a bit to try and find another phone. I hear a party so I go in and ask to use their phone. Of course they are super nice, they give me a beer and a nice lady lets me use her cell phone. Finally Brandon answers and he comes to get me from the yuppie party.

Brandon has just come from another party (I know, it's Thursday night, but this is crazy Burlington-town) so he asks if I want to go back. Um...yes???

Ophir gave me the rest of his Alpenbitter so I bring it to share.

It turns out it's these crazy guy from Wisconsin's birthday. Everyone is binge drinking and doing crazy stupid stuff. Like wheel chair races down the empty suburban streets (pictures are coming).

We stayed up laaaaaaaaate, and it was hilarrrrrrrious. Those crazy Americans.

Brandon and I slept until 2 p.m. the next day. I wanted to do the backroads way to Boston, I figured I'd leave early enough to do that. But nope. Turns out I had to take the interstates, it's six hours to Boston and I'm meeting Owen at eight! Plus, I have to stop at Ben & Jerry's factory. How can I miss that???

Random people I found

Random people I found

Crazy party

Crazy party

Wheelchair races

Wheelchair races

Wheelchair accident

Wheelchair accident

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