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Waterfalls #2, the dump and Arctic char sushi

This morning, we helped clean up Bruce's cabin a little bit, dried out our clothes and headed out on our way. We went for another hike at another waterfall, but I can't remember its name. We walked around exploring a little bit, and I fell asleep in the warm sunshine on a big rock. When I woke up, Keith was gone. I looked around briefly for him, decided he probably got bored and went to the car, so I headed back there. All alone in the woods, and terrified of bears jumping out from around the corners, I almost ran all the way back. He wasn't there, so waited in the parking lot on the picnic table for him to come back. Still no Keith. OK, I have to pee, so I went to the bathroom, and then in a couple minutes I hear the car door open. I left my stuff on top of the roof, so I assumed he'd figure I was close by. Nope. Keith just starts the car and assumes I've gone hitchhiking or something I guess. I walk out of the bathroom, and he just takes off, backing right into me in the process. Luckily, he saw me in the rearview mirror waving frantically. Poor me, left behind at the end of Canada, all by my lonesome. Everyone told us to go see the dump. Why? I don't know. It's pretty organized, I think that's the big reason. They line everything up and have big signs for stuff that you might need, like large appliances, tires, miscellaneous junk. Apparently, it costs too much to move your stuff out of Yellowknife once you get it here, so there's lots of good stuff in the dump. I personally, didn't see anything too palatable. Plus it would probably stink. One think that would be useful though, is the giant pile of wood they have just lying around. We paid $10 for a little bag of it at the campsite, but if we had a car and had known, we could've had all the pallette wood we wanted. After that, we went for some arctic char sushi downtown and Keith had a pint at the "best" pub in town. Not exactly so good. Both of our cameras were broken, so we stopped in the mall to ask if they could be fixed. Of course they said no way, they're toast, you better buy a new one. So that's what Keith did. We went looking for a place to stay for the night, this was difficult. I wanted to stay at a B&B so we went to a couple of the addresses on our map. None of them existed. We finally just decided to get a room at the Chateau Nova, a place we'd walked right by a whole bunch of times on the way to old town. After a long trip I think we deserved our relaxation time in the steam room and cheese/crackers/chianti combo, don't you?

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