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Father's day and *&#(**$&$ Scarborough Town Centre

God knows how, but I woke up exactly at 11 a.m. I had to meet my parents for brunch at noon. I started making a ruckus all over Michelle and Brendan's house. I must've woke them up because I was freaking "I need a phone! I can't make it to see my parents!"

Brendan got me the phone and the number my mom gave me for her cellphone wasn't right! So I had to go and mee them, no questions. Brendan and Michelle drove me there, so that was nice of them, AGAIN. I said goodbye to M & B, promising to spend more time with them in two weeks time. Probably I will buy them lunch or something.

It's Father's Day, but it went all backwards, because mom and dad bought ME breakfast, I dunno. I had a little omelette thing at some breakfast restaurant, I can't remember what it's called now. And then my parents dropped me off at the Scarborough Town Centre FOUR HOURS too early. I guess it was OK. I walked around looking for some Canadian stuff to get for Jo (who lives in Japan) chomped on some "end of the day" sale sushi and basically wandered around. I tried to find some leather gloves, to no avail, because it's not really winter time anymore.

I walked around outside near the 401, which was depressing. Everybody always wants to go somewhere I guess. Too bad we need these horrendous looking giant highways to get them there. All you can hear is the sound of rushing machines, striving to get to their important destinations. Also, everything around there is fenced off for miles, so just try crossing the highway to get to Winners. It takes twice as long as it would if you just walked straight there because of all the obstacle course of fences surrounding the place. Blech.

Anyway, 6:30 eventually came, and I met my ride right where they left me on Saturday. Except this time, there were two plasticky girls sitting in the back seat. Great, no sleeping for me on the way home. Blahblahblah they just chirped away all night, it was terrible. I couldn't even drown them out with my podcasts. After a couple of Tim Hortons stops, we finally got home, dropped one girl off in Kanata, and then the other girl threw a hissy fit because we wouldn't drop her off downtown. It's about 45 minutes out of the way for poor Anan, but after a while, he gave in. She kept saying, "It's on the way!" but it really really was not. Anan drove all the way downtown, then back out to South Keys to drop me off. He lives just down the street from me, so it wasn't a big deal to drop me off.

Then it was midnight and time for bed. My house is a total mess, it's awful. I should probably stop doing these little trips and clean it up once in a while. Hmmm...nah... See you in two weeks, when I go to Toronto again for a wedding. That is, if Rob's not all pissy at me still...

Me and dad

Me and dad

The 401

The 401

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