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Doctor tests...

Wookang left early for school and I was left alone to repack and move all my stuff to the education office. It was pouring and I quickly caught a cab across town to the office. I showed up looking like a drowned rat with three ginormous bags in the front lobby. I shoved the piece of paper in their face that showed them the name of the people I was looking for. Once again, I argued that I should have a higher pay, and once again, I was denied. Algonquin took too long to print my certificate, so here I am at the bottom of the pay scale.

My co-teacher came (Sang Mi Moon) and I signed my contract, reluctantly. She is very nice, but we are very different people. We dropped my bags off at my apartment, which, to my surprise, is bigger than any room I had in Ottawa in the last year. So that makes me feel better.

Then, I was ushered off to my medical tests so that I can get an alien registration card. This card helps me get a bank account and internet. I'm stealing internet right now, so maybe I don't need internet. They test everything from colourblindness to STDs in your pee. I think I did about 14 tests in 17 minutes. Exactly. Seriously.

After that, Sang Mi dropped me back off at home and showed me how to take the bus to school tomorrow. I unpacked and made a list of a bunch of things I needed to get. Including a pillow. Which is very hard to find.

One of the stores was playing a song that Brian sent me before I left. I laughed and laughed and the people in the store thought I was crazy.

When I got back, I made some random noodles that I found and put an egg in it. I think that's what the instructions said to do on the box. It was crazy spicy and burned my face off, but I was hungry so whatever.

I passed out and suddenly there was a knock on my door. It was my landlord and she brought me a fan because something is wrong with the air conditioner. I thought she was gone for good, so I fell asleep again. Nope, she came back later to wake me up with a Californian behind her to translate things for me. He is Sheldon and he lives two floors up. He showed me the washing machine, and told me to take a taxi to school tomorrow because apparently the bus driver won't tell me how to get there. We will go to yoga tomorrow after work. He also said that there's a skating rink but alas, no curling.

I used to have a bunch of dirty clothes in a bag and now they are gone. I am pretty sure the landlady took them. I don't know why. I will miss that black halter top dress... She started the washing machine without asking me, and it's midnight and it still hasn't drained. It also says "IE" on it and Dave (my friend in Ulsan) tells me it means "internal error". The landlady said that the washing machine is not hers, it's the office of education's, so I have to complain to them if it is broken. Seems like she is either psychic and knew it would break, or probably she already knew about the issues it has.

Tomorrow I will get my dress back. If she threw it out there will be problems. I will seriously move out if she threw out that dress.







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