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Village des Valeurs and car theft

OK, so I woke up at 2 p.m. and we pretty much immediately headed out to Village des Valeurs. I was looking for a dress for a gala and also for a wedding I'm headed to in June. I was hoping to get one that would work for both and I did. A nice bright red sheath with spaghetti straps, a sheer shawl and a few rhinestones at the shoulders.

Mike snagged a Ralph Lauren jacket from the 80s. He has a small obsession with the brand, so he was happy he got a deal for $9.

After that we were hungry so we stopped at Pushap, a vegetarian Indian place that I had been to before, but never got to eat there, because I had to run off to the Tori Amos concert.

The service is slow here, but the food is very good. We had a feast for two for $20, including samosas, awesome chickpea curry, some kind of cheese thing, yummy vegetables, naan, chai tea and dessert! Delish, I would recommend it to anybody. It's way out in the suburbs, near the Orange Julep though, so give yourself LOTS of time if you are going (for traveling and for the service).

After that, Mike took me up to the top of Mont Royal, and then on a graffiti tour near the bad side of Ste. Catherine St. We parked his car and then went to go look at the paintings. This took about 20 minutes, I would think. On our way back, we passed these thug looking dudes being escorted by about five cops and we watched and wondered what was going on. We turned the corner, and what do you know? The driver's side front window, smashed to bits. All my stuff in the back, is untouched, including my wallet, and the ingnition had not been tampered with. We're pretty sure we saw the culprits getting hauled away on our way there. It was just totally crazy. Mike tells me it will cost $200 to fix his window, so I hope he can get it done soon. Now I owe him some good times in Ottawa at some point.

It was about 8 p.m. and Mike was totally bummed out so he skipped the Couchsurfing meeting where I was scheduled to meet my Ottawa people. And of course, Mike was all worried about whether I'd get there on time or not, even though he had a smashed window.

Anyway, I got there right on time and there was indeed, a big pink sign with the word "couchsurfing" markered on it haphazardly. One guy was sitting underneath, looking glum, and waiting for people to show up. He instantly brightened when I sat down next to him, however. We sat there for 45 minutes waiting for the rest of the crew to show up, and slowly they began to trickle in. However, I did not see a familiar face until around 11 p.m. I was starting to get nervous. When Jan-Mark and Pierre walked into the bar I jumped up and immediately started singing the Euro soccer song, you know the one... "Ole ole ole oleeee" hahaha. JM really loves that one.

So yeah, I inevitably had another great time, met some interesting people and then JM drove me back to LP's house. I was EXHAUSTED, I ended up falling asleep on the table at the bar, even amidst the noise of the crappy cover band and generally extremely excited people. Thankfully, we didn't get lost on our way home this time. JM knows where he goes, don't worry about that, bubba.

I'm on a mission

I'm on a mission

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