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Falling to my death and Zima on the rocks...

So, I woke up at 5 a.m. and went straight to the super Wal-Mart that was open 24 hours. Oh the wonders of modern civilization. You can get rain pants at any time of day or night. It's just amazing. The super Wal-Mart was exactly what it sounds like, SO huge you can't even believe it. I asked a lady who worked there if they had rain pants and of course she had no idea. How could you be expected to know what they sell in the camping section when the camping section is 2 km away?

I quickly found some pants and bought them for about $20. It was even a good deal. Wow, Wal-Mart, seriously...amazing...

I went back to the hotel for some breakfast, stole a muffin and a bagel for lunch, then headed off on my merry way. The skies were ridiculously clear. The exact opposite of what they looked like yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone who told me not to go to Rhode Island, you know who you are, can now officially kiss my butt. I just drove and drove and drove all day, through lush forests and breathtaking mountains. I figured out that I have to stop every 250 km to fill up with gas. This is also the exact amount of time I need in between pee breaks and snacks. So that's totally cool with me. A highlight was the fantastic view from the bridge crossing on the I-90 between New York and Massachusetts. You go over a giant bridge way up high over a beautiful river valley. Definitely worth checking out. I totally freaked right out when I saw it. OK, so I got to Mike's town, Lincoln at about 2 p.m. 10 minutes after he finished work, which was pretty cool. As soon as I put down my bags, he asked me what I wanted to do and I just screamed, "BEACH!" in his face. I have no recollection of this, but if you ask Mike, he'll swear to his grave that's exactly what I did. I got way too excited and then we left right away for Newport. I guess this is a popular place for tourists, all gentrified and stuff. There is a road called Ocean Drive which has all kinds of fancy houses on it. Great Gatsby style. Pretty interesting, but I don't think it was worth getting out of the car for. I didn't think about wearing clothes that might've been more appropriate for the weather so I was sooooooo hot and wishing I had changed into my short pants. Oh well. We went to the beach, but couldn't find a kite to fly there. What we did find however, was some Zima! I had always dreamed of drinking a Zima, seriously, since I saw it on a Saturday Night Live skit in the mid-nineties. Never had I seen it for sale in Canada, and I bought the last six pack in the Newport liquor store. It was citrus flavoured, and I was way too excited. Sweet. I secretly really wanted some American Mad Dog, but that particular quality beverage was nowhere to be found.

In my haste to get to the beach, I didn't bring my camera. Yeah, sucks. We bought a lemon slush at the beach and climbed around on the rocks, I slipped on some wet rocks, and almost fell right off the edge of a cliff, into the ocean, so that was good. After that, we went for dinner at the Fastnet? Pub. I ordered a fish sandwich, but it was deep fried and came with french fries, both of which I had no interest in, but it was OK I guess.

Having found nothing that resembled a kite, we went to another rocky beach, in Jamestown. I thought this beach was wayyyyyyy better than the Newport beach. So we stayed there until it got dark, Mike with his regular person beer and me with my Zimas. Zimas, by the way, pretty gross, totally not worth looking for them in the liquor store. You're better off with Mad Dog.

So that was pretty uneventful, but I am becoming increasingly disturbed by the amount of time we talk about the online travel industry. It's now officially crossed the line from fascination into full blown obsession. I don't think it's healthy.

While we were hanging out, there was a police patrol helicopter hovering over us for a while, and also, a couple with a blanket were obviously disappointed to find people already using their secret makeout spot.

When we left the secret rock, it was pretty dark and it was an ordeal trying to find our way back, but we made it. The drive back to Lincoln was mostly silent because I was just about ready to pass out from exhaustion. We went down to a little tiny river and stayed talking shop and phobias until about midnight. Then it was time for bed, night night.

Mike had already joined Plenty of Fish and was dating some girl that I was jealous of. In retaliation, I created my own POF profile, that was completely fake and said something like "I wish cheat on you and steal all your money". A lot of people believed it and I actually had a date with a guy that I later friend zoned and then eventually completely shut out of my life because he was gross and weird (Harris). Mike didn't want to repeat the make outs from last time, I guess understandably, and I think he's married to that girl now. Fucking hell.

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