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Mom's crazy birthday party

Here I am, writing to you on the kitchen computer, which is surprisingly clean, after a day of chaotic feasting.

I was busy finishing up some of the desserts and combining all the ingredients for batter all morning, and before I knew it it was almost noon.

Mom's friends started arriving, and it was me and my dad's job to keep them plied with alcohol and sweet carbohydrates. Namely, homemade pancake syrup, pancakes and waffles. It became a little hectic, doling out the endless glasses of mimosas, so I enlisted the help of Aleasha, a really great friend of mine from way back in the Girl Guide days, to help me. She was awesome, and she graciously did all this, so that I could concentrate on the important job of flipping flapjacks.

I guess it went well, because the pancakes and waffles all disappeared very quickly.

I'm pretty sure mom had lots of fun and enjoyed all the flowers that people brought her. She continuously told the story of how I found her balloons while we were on our bike ride yesterday. *sigh*

Everyone went home at about 2 or 3, except for Ina and my Aunt. So we mostly just sat around and waited for yet another group of people to come over for Easter dinner (on a Saturday night, yeah)

Heather came over with her daughter, Dana, who I have been friends with since we were cute little Brownies in Mrs. Eberly's Stevensville troupe. It was a very nice surprise to see her again, after maybe six years or something. She's all married and living in Windsor, so it hardly ever ends up that we are in the same area of the world. We chat every so often on MSN so it's good to talk to her for real a little.

Soon after Dana left, my Uncle Peter came over with my cousin Mike, and his aunt, Ruth and his uncle, Jurgen. They are always funny people, and we had some good chats. I especially enjoyed hearing about their camper van journeys to the other coast in the 1980s.

Mike and I grew tired of the conversation so we went into the other room and watched Jackass 2 on my dad's ridiculously huge widescreen TV. Just TRY to avert your eyes from this movie, for two seconds, it's such a train wreck. That's all I'm gonna say.

Now, I'm tired and totally stuffed full of food and everything and I'm going to go to bed, to dream of a summer full of cycling so that I can get all buff again like last year. *sigh*

Dad making waffles

Dad making waffles

The ladies

The ladies

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