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Hospital! Party Time! Excellent!

Hello friends and relatives.

Well. I am sick. How about that.

It is the worst sick of my life. I don't know how I got it and the doctors aren't really sure what it is. They say it's something like a flu with an extra ear infection for fun.

I had a sore throat all Saturday and on Sunday I woke up with a runny nose and fever. I told my boss I couldn't go to work on Monday. She didn't believe me.

After stressfully arguing all day over email with her, I eventually decided to go to the hospital to prove to her I was sick. Surprise surprise they wanted to give me an IV.

At this point in time, the illness wasn't THAT bad and I didn't think I needed an IV. But, these things are normal here. I refused the IV and they said they would deliver me some pills in the morning. I said that's great, see you tomorrow. My supervisor went (alone) to the hospital in the morning to pay the bill. He came over to my place without the pills (of course) and told me he paid the first hospital bill. He also didn't have my passport for some reason, that was what the hospital kept for ransom so that we paid the bill.

I had woken up with an earache, so I wanted to go back to the hospital with this new symptom. BUT I had to wait for Ta (supervisor) to bring me my passport because you can't sign in without one. I was SO FRUSTRATED.

Finally, he brought my passport, and a bunch of bogus documents that I had to sign in order to get my last pay. I said I would sign them after he made changes to them, but I knew he wasn't going to change them at all. I would just have to sign them or not get my last paycheque. Choose sucker.

Anyway, my fever and earache became INSANELY WORSE over the rest of the day. I was barely alive, moving around zombie like, feeling out of it and extremely weak. I showed up at the hospital and basically collapsed.

An ear/nose/throat doctor came reasonably swiftly to examine me and he said I'd have to stay in the hospital until at least Saturday. OH GREAT! That's the day I'm leaving for Honduras. Hilarious, yeah?

Anywayyyyy the good news is that the doctors say it's not serious. But I'm flabbergasted about why I have to stay in the hospital so long.

They gave me some amazing painkillers and I get injections every morning and night. My ear isn't painful anymore, but I can't hear out of it at all. My fever is pretty much gone now and I'm getting back to normal.

I have moved all of my stuff from the former hotel to the hospital. So, I'm going through the big pile at the moment, deciding what is worth to bring to Honduras and what I should ship through the mail.

Everything should be back to normal soon folks!



My room, everything unpacked, getting organized

My room, everything unpacked, getting organized

My awesome view of Halong Bay

My awesome view of Halong Bay

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