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August 17 I woke really early in the morning again and packed, then headed out to the train station. It was a really confusing one. The departure board didn't have room for all the trains, so it displayed the two trains currently boarding (fine) and then cycled through all the rest at an excruciatingly slow pace (not fine). I had no idea which track I was going to until I was literally being pushed through the gates.

Anyway, it was a high speed train and therefore the clientele was of a higher class. Just barely. They may not spit on the floor, but they still have phone conversations at max volume levels and let their kids play Angry Birds without headphones.

I got to Nanchang and of course, there was no subway to the other train station I needed to get to. There were signs for a subway, but it must have been under construction. After walking back and forth a few times, I found some young ladies wearing red sashes. That usually means "helpful person" to me. They told me that yes, the subway was indeed closed and one of them personally escorted me to the temporary bus that would bring me to the main train station for my next train to Shangrao.

It cost 5 yuan but of course I wasn't paying attention and put a tenner in. Oops, this bus cost $2 instead of $1. Ha. Wherever the bus dropped us off must've been the exit to the train station, because I wandered around again, following signs to the entrance that led nowhere.

Finally, I figured it out and visited the horrendous washroom and attempted to find a place to wait two hours for my train to Shangrao. When I arrived in shangrao Doreen was there waiting for me and brought me to her swanky apartment in her cute cherry red BMW. Wow what a difference! I got my own bed and bathroom and everything! We discussed what I should do tomorrow and she offered to drive me to the bus station before work. Perfect. She also invited me to come back on Friday to go to Wuyuan and visit her grandparents in an old village. Even better! I slept well and had another weird dream. In the first one, I was Amy schumer's manatee keeper, and in the second, I killed someone because he stepped on my dog and crushed him like a cigarette. Today I dreamt my dad had brain surgery and I knew the doctor did it wrong. They gave me money in a dirty envelope to shut up about it. Crazy.

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