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Going home

As expected, my wake up call goes off at 5:45, Irene is already leaving as I'm just getting into the shower. I answer the door in a towel and tell her I'll see her at the airport. Ha. I go down to the lobby, check out and collect my "breakfast box". Waiting for the airport shuttle, I'm wearing my new custom made Thai suit. I decided to wear it because of my previous strip searching experience at the Ottawa Airport before. I want to look as professional as possible so that I don't have to go through that ordeal again. Anyway, I fail to notice that the tags are still on the sleeve and the pocket of my jacket. I ask a porter to cut them off for me while I'm waiting for the shuttle. Ha.

At the Bangkok airport, I wait in the Thai Air line. I get to the counter and find out it's the wrong one. It's really long. I'm supposed to go to the Nippon Airlines line, which is empty. Arg.

Then, I go and get my VAT refund. A cool 1,200 baht, sweet.

"I'll spend this on some Thai whiskey," I think to myself.

So I head straight to the duty free and pick up a big bottle, as well as a bottle of lichee wine. Wow, looks great. However, the lady at the duty free won't let me buy them because I'll be going through so many security checks on the way home. Are you serious? That sucks big time! I was counting on bringing some back for beer night on Friday! Ahhhhhhhh! That sucks big poopy boo boo balls. Oh well.

Irene and I talk boys and I watch Leatherheads on the flight home. I think someone told me to watch it, but I forget who. It's pretty good.

At the Tokyo airport, I pass out on the bench just beside our departure gate. Wake up, get on the flight and I'm astonished when I find someone with a French Canadian accent. A real, live, blonde lady smiles and says "Hi!" to me. I'm surprised at just how comforting all of this feels to me. I've only been away for 10 days but I can't describe to you just how happy I am to hear the French language and see maple leaves all over the place. This is a new experience, but I like it. After being surrounding by such otherworldly characters, French suddenly seems homey and familiar. For the first time in my life, I'm glad that Quebec is full of French people, and I'm glad that I can at least understand something (twice in a row!) that is being spoken to me. Gooooooooo Trudeau!

Anyway, time to drink some wine and watch Indiana Jones. Maybe I'll come to some conclusions about my time in Thailand. If I do, I'll let you know. For now, I'm revelling in the uniquely Canadian experience of Air Canada.

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