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Got kicked out at 2 a.m.

We were staying with Franciele's friend Hudson and he was kind enough to make us smoothies for breakfast.

We went hiking up a hill that had a version of Cristo Redentor. I thought it was better than in Rio actually.

I was feeling quite sick, so I was huffing and puffing and sniffling all the way up the hill. Of course I was at the back and moving slowly.

Hudson decided to take it upon himself to tell me how to breathe. Yes, I understand. At first, I just shrugged it off and said, "Thanks but I'm sick and I know I'm slow."

But this wasn't enough for him, he came to the back of the line and started to play really annoying loud trance music from his phone.

I stopped and told him I didn't want the music and asked him to move to the front as politely as I could in the small Portuguese I knew. He wouldn't budge. I felt forced to threaten to leave, which I had no qualms doing because I knew the way back anyway. Finally he went to the front and he made his brother go to the back, heaven knows, if women didn't have men guarding them all the time, what would happen. Then I started complaining about how I'm not an idiot and don't need to be told how to breathe, thank you very much, and I'm sure he heard it all.

When we got to the top, of course the two "men" whipped their shirts off. So unnecessary. Alfonsina asked me how I was feeling and I mumbled something about the annoying shirtless men and Franciele defended them saying it's normal here in Brazil. Yeah guess what, I don't have to find it acceptable. After that point, I knew she was pissed at me for bitching out her friend.

The rest of the time I was quite quiet, unsure of how to act from then on. I was offered lunch but refused, feeling sick and queasy. I was sorry that Franciele was pissed, but not sorry that I bitched out Hudson, so I didn't know what to do at all.

We went to the beach after eating some cake and coffee. It was really nice and I wished it was warmer. Alfonsina and I almost lost Franciele's dog, but she came running back again as soon as her mom started calling for her.

We went back to the blues festival and it was better than the night before. My ear infection was coming back so again, I didn't feel much like dancing or drinking. I just sat down on the ground and enjoyed the music.

When it was time to go, we lost Alfonsina. She was in a quiet corner talking to an old hippy man. We went back home as soon as we found her. On the way home, Hudson was hammered, and started talking to me really aggressively, leaning over into my face. I just looked out the window, not saying anything. I have no idea what he was saying at all and Franciele and Alfonsina wouldn't translate. I asked if it was something rude and they said yes.

Then, when we got to the door, he blocked the way to me. Franciele and Alfonsina were already inside. He was yelling something in my face I didn't understand. The only thing I could understand was "OH AND NOW YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!"

"Actually yes, I don't understand you, but I feel like you want me to leave. So please, let me get my things and I will go."

As I was packing, he decided that I shouldn't go. Well, sir, you do not have control over me, and I am not at your mercy. I refuse to be manipulated like this, what did he want me to do, grovel at his feet? No thank you, so I left and dragged my suitcases to the nearest pousada. It was disgusting for 80 reals so I sad no thank you to that also. I went to the main plaza, which had nice bars on the sidewalk. I saw Hudson's brother there, great. He was laughing at me. Awesome. It was 2 a.m. and your brother kicked me out of the house. I told him not to talk to me.

Cristo in Iguape

Cristo in Iguape

View of Iguape

View of Iguape

View of Iguape

View of Iguape

Boat on the beach with Pagu

Boat on the beach with Pagu

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