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February 2010

Rideshare back to Ottawa

Eva gave me a ride back to the Metro station in the morning before she had to go to work, I had a Sausage McMuffin and went straight to work.

The strange man from London who had also hitched a ride with us tried to get my number. I walked him to the mall so that he could catch the bus to Gatineau, I guess he took that as a sign that I was flirting with him? I dunno, is there something strange about the way that I act? I think that lots of boys don't really understand my friendliness and mistake it for flirtiness.

How does a person be friendly, but not flirty? I think it's all in the eye of the beholder, I don't think there's anything I can do but be myself. If some people take it the wrong way, that's their problem.

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Greyhound it back to Montreal

I slept in and then went downtown in the afternoon. I never went skating the whole weekend, but I had been lugging my skates around nevertheless, like a dutiful Golden retriever.

Back on the bus they go, say goodbye to Owen and then I end up in Montreal a lot earlier than I expected.

When lots of people are going to a certain place, usually they will herd you all onto the same bus and then speed that bus along to your destination. Luckily, there were a bunch of people going to Montreal, so we managed to miss a bunch of little towns in New England and head straight over to Montreal.

So, I got there early, called Eva up, who was surprised to hear from me so soon, and she awesomely picked me right up and then I went straight to bed!

Her hot water heater had been on the fritz so I didn't get a shower, but honestly, who cares. The bed was lovely.

One thing though! I had a crazy dream. A false awakening, I dreamed I woke up and there was a young girl sitting on the end of my bed. She was saying something to me but I was straining to hear/understand. Then I woke up. Freaky right? I thought it was a ghost!

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Valentine's Day at the Langham Hotel

We had breakfast at Mo's which is a restaurant that has a lot of awards for "best breakfast" and such in the Hartford area.

Then, we left to go back to Owen's place.

By the time we got back to Newton, it was time to go to dinner downtown. We got all dressed up and went to various Irish themed pubs around the back bay area.

Then we had some delicious dinner and there was a super cheesy jazz band playing. Dinner was delicious but I thought that the atmosphere was pretty lame. However, I was not expecting something awesome and cool. People were just packed in there like sardines, it seemed strange.

The chocolate bar was pretty delicious but I was expecting more variety I guess. Maybe it was because so many people were eating it and they were always out, I dunno. There were flambed chocolate crepes, chocolate fondue, chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, it was really nice I thought, but still, over-hyped a little.

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The Half Door and Kevin's place

So we finally made it to Hartford, and we showed up at our Couchsurfing host's place pretty late. We brought him some beer that we bought at a really sketchy "party store" down the street. He seemed to like that.

We waited for Kevin's girlfriend and friends to get there, and then we went out to the Half Door, where I had some AMAZING beer that tasted just like blackberries. I just wish I could remember what it was called.

The band was hilarious. They were from New York City and called Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak.

The guy in the band would do this semi spoken-word semi-sung sort of music, dressed in prohibition era style clothes. He made fun of my cargo pants and then went around practically making out with all these ladies. They loved it. I'm glad he left me alone.

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We walk beside Yale and eat saucy sushi

Next stop was New Haven. The only reason we went here was because we heard that the best restaurants in Connecticut were here. None of them seemed to be open when we wanted them to be though.

Instead, we walked beside Yale, and then we went for sushi at a random location. It was very saucy and I ate some sort of strange mooshy thing, I think it was a sea urchin.

Owen also made fun of me because when there is no tax on a meal, I can't figure out what the tip should be...

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We go to Mystic Pizza and visit an army/navy store

Someone at the Tweetup mentioned going to Mystic, Connecticut and Owen thought that would be interesting.

I did not really.

There is a famous pizza place there called Mystic Pizza, and it is the location of one of Julia Roberts' first movies, so we went there, and Owen bought a slice.

There was a crazy army/navy store in the middle of this quaint little town so I thought that was interesting. Bullets and grenades and stuff interspersed with organic coffee and hemp clothing... strange.

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Meeting at Smarter Travel

Nevertheless, I finally got to Boston at about 8 a.m., then I got changed, and made my way to Smarter Travel.

I had an interesting meeting people at the office, I brought some maple toffee and they seemed to enjoy it.

I met up with Ed Passarella to talk about perhaps switching jobs, although nothing was available just yet, I think he was happy I visited anyway.

There might be something interesting for me to do in the future though, stay tuned.

After working from the Smarter Travel office for the rest of the day, I organized a little Tweetup at Ernesto's, where the cheapest best pizza in Boston is to be found.

It was Graham's idea to do a travel gadget exchange, and the ladies at STM found this out, so they kitted me out with a giant box of travel gadget crap to give away. They were more than happy to part with it.

There were a bunch of seat cushions, lots of pointless plastic stuff that hopefully people would at least laugh at.

And they did.

I was pooped and WAY too early so I kind of passed out at a table. A very blue-collar-obviously-just-finished-work kinda guy was eating pizza and after he finished he came over and asked me what was in the box.

"Oh it's just junk I'm giving away to people when they come."

"What are ya sellin' somethin'?!"

"No, I'm giving it away. If you want something take it."

"Are ya sure?!"

"No, not really, but take it if you want it."

"Are ya really sure?! You don't want this stuff? You could make a fortune selling this out on the street!"

"Nope, don't want it, take it."

"OK, this looks interesting, I'll take this." It was a giant bag of power adapters, completely unsuitable for travel.

"No problem."

He started going through it when I guess his conscience started telling him to at least pay me back something.

".... How about I buy ya a pizza or somethin'?"


I was actually planning on waiting for the rest of everyone to come, but free pizza is free pizza right?

So he bought me my pizza and soon after I ate it, @Travelsofadam showed up along with everyone else. Yay!

We all ate too much pizza, drank that weird Italian beer that Rod likes and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Hurrah.

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Rideshare to Montreal with Cathy

After work, I met Cathy and the rest of the ridesharers for a quick jaunt to Montreal in the back of Cathy's black Suzuki SUV.

As soon as I got there, I called Marilyn, when I meant to call Marc-Andre. I had a mission to find some chocolate that had been left there for me by a couchsurfer of mine.

She cancelled on me, felt bad, so she left some chocolate for me to pick up.

Long story short, I never found the chocolate. Marilyn was home, and I sat waiting for the bus to her house for at least 45 minutes.

That was OK, because then I left with some French girls to go drink a beer before heading off to Boston.

We had a nice time, and then I walked to the bus station to catch my bus.

I tried to sleep all the way to Boston, but I couldn't because a man from Vermont sat beside me and SQUISHED various parts of my body as he tried to get comfortable using my arm and leg as a pillow.

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