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March 1997


Our high school band and choir went to Chicago, and it was pretty fun. We went to an art gallery, probably my first one ever and the house of a famous architect. I think it was Frank Lloyd Wright. Also, I was really obsessed with Smashing Pumpkins at the time, so it was very exciting for me to be roaming the same streets Billy Corgan did.

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Duck tour, driving home

Today, I was awoken by the clamouring of my dear, sweet parents packing to go home... at six in the morning. It's not like we had to go anywhere. We had to be at the "duck" tour at 10. So at 10, we boarded our bus that would later splash down into the lake. It was pretty cool, but the tour guide was just lame. After an hour and a half of rolling my eyes, we went and had lunch at McFarlan's. It was a really good restaurant but I wasn't very hungry. Too bad. Then we got in our car for the long drive home. Another two days of sleeping and listening to CDs. We stopped in Greenville, Illinois and I got to sleep in a cot. Lucky me!

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Pump Boys and the Dinettes

I finally got to sleep in today! Till like 8:30! Today we went to the mall which consisted of a Wal-Mart and a Comisso's. I got a new bathingsuit anyway. Then we drove to the famous Branson Winery. Good times. After that, we stopped in another factory outlet and purchased...nothing. We went back to our room and realized we had 15 minutes to change and get to our dinner show, The Pump Boys and the Dinettes. Fun. With one bathroom between five people. Yep. It was a pretty good show. Not flashy like The Osmonds. Not pre-recorded like Jim Stafford. It was just right. But I can't say that much for the food though. Oh well. It was a good show.

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The Osmonds and Jim Stafford

Dad woke us up, yet one more time, to go and get the best donuts at breakfast, and then we went to a factory outlet mall and I got some green Hush Puppies and a new dress. When we came back we went to Penelope's for a buffet lunch. After that, we came back to our room, got changed and walked acoss the street for The Osmond Family show. I'm feeling really tired right now. I wonder why. (Dad?) Then we came back to the hotel and rested and then we went to go see Jim Stafford. And I went and got a milkshake at McDonald's came home, and phoned Aaron and then I went to bed.

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More driving

Dad woke us up early as usual, at 7. We ate the "continental" (donut and coffee) breakfast and left for another long day of driving. We drove until we reached Kentucky Fried Chicken. That's where I finally realized we were actually in Missouri. The people looked like something straight out of What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Then we continued driving till we reached The Fantastic Caverns. It was really nice inside the cave. All the broken stallagmites made me think about how fragile nature really is. How we shouldn't abuse the beauty we take for granted so often. After that, we checked into our hotel, The Best Western.

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Going to Branson, Missouri

Well the first day was just great. We drove all day, and I just kinda slept and listened to half my whole CD collection. Oh well. We drove all the way to Greenfield, Indiana and stayed at the Super 8 Motel and we ate supper at Shoney's. I had the salad bar and ate so little I had to wait like, a half hour for everyone else to finish. We walked back to our room, went swimming, took a shower, watched Down Periscope and went to bed to get ready for another day of driving...(sigh)

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