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April 1997

Closing and guest speaker

Today I was awoken again but at 8 a.m. this time. Then we had to rush and get to breakfast on time. After that, we had closing ceremony and I got to say something. Then, we had to sit through a gurest speaker of a lady that was in a plane crash in Alaska and a skit from Willow Bluffs, where Aggie will be next year.

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Aggie '97

Today I drove to Hamilton with some Brunetta lady and a girl I swear is gay. It was ... uncomfortable. Then I went on the bus and me and this girl Tracy talked about Goatboy from SNL for three hours and I laughed constantly for three hours. Then we had opening ceremonies and I met all kinds of old friends. Including Mel, Eric, Erica, Michelle, Charlene, Jannette and Leslie. Then Erin, Mel, Stef and I watched White Squall which I didn't understand at all... Oh well. Then I went to bed.

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The Welbeck Sawmill and a dance

Today I was awoken by about 20 Rangers that decided to wake up at 6 a.m. and get dressed and make a racket. This was after my wonderful sleep on a gym floor when the leaders couldn't find the switch to the lights. Later, I went to the Welbeck Sawmill and had a wonderful time! Right. Then I attended an intriguing seminar... about bicycle maintenance. Boring. As son as that was over we had to go to a murder mystery banquet. After a really gross dinner, we went back and we had a real DJ and lights and dry ice. It was OK but I usually ended up in the cafeteria with Eric playing "stomp" or cards. Then we went to bed in the hallways of the school.

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