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June 1999

Another day at the Salvation Army

It's so cold today. I should put on pants but these shorts are so funky I don't want to! Hahaha... Right now we are doing hour long reflections. I like doing this, it's fun. I like to be alone when I don't really enjoy the company of youngins when they think they are cooler than me. Today we had more sessions and lounged around until supper. Then we learned about problem solving andwe practised our Bible skit.

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Working for the Salvation Army

Today I came back from prom and stupid court because of my driving ticket (Lisa's fault) hahaha. I was soooooo tired! I made it in time for lunch, we rehearsed our Bible play thing. I play Eve and Mary in it and then I slept until campfire time. Barely made it through that and then I went back to bed without eating snack or going to devotions.

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