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July 2012

All visa'd up

So, I picked up my visa and booked my flight.

Leaving Toronto on Aug. 10, stopping in SFO, then direct to Seoul. Singapore Airlines too, yippee! All for $955, which is pretty much the amount that I get reimbursed from the government.

So far, I only know that I'm going to Jeollabukdo province. Please don't ask me what city, because I won't know until Aug. 30.

I'll be teaching English with a local teacher. Apparently, the teacher is supposed to do the reading and writing and I'm supposed to do the speaking and listening part. We'll see how that goes, I've heard some horror stories about how the local teacher does nothing and the foreigner has to do everything. I hope I get paired with someone nice.

I'm supposed to get paid for working eight hours a day, and teaching for four hours a day. So, I have four hours a day of prep time.

It all sounds nice on paper, but we'll see what happens when I get there. Let's not bring up what happened last February.

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