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August 1996


Today after breakfast we went to a daycare centre kind of thing and we taught the kids' parents first aid. Other people did face painting, played games and planted plants with the kids. After that we came back to the cabana and had gross lunch. So gross a lot of us just happened to choose to go to Baskin Robins for free time. Then at evening program we played the blog and watched slides about Tepoztland.

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Refugee simulation day

Today we did flag raising, then we ate breakfast and we played a refugee simulation game. We had to wait in line for like an hour and then when we finally got to the country, we had to build a shelter out of a blanket and four sticks. Then we had to cook our lunch and it tasted gross! Then we watched a refugee movie and we did our crafts. Then we had a Cuernavaca briefing and we ate supper and had free time and then went to campfire and I gave everyone those containers for film. (For campfire ashes)

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To town!

Today after breakfast we went to the city and I bought a cool shirt and pants, a bag and a pencil case for really cheap! Then Jessica, Nat and I went to a donut shop and ate lunch. We had an ice cream but all the rain got in them so we threw them out. It was raining so much there were literally rivers we had to run through to get to our bus. Then we came back and had supper and after supper we had International night and each group had to do a song, dance or skit.

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Taxco to buy silver

Today we had flag raising and then took a lot of group pictures. Then we ate breakfast and went to Taxco to buy some stuff (silver mostly). We ate lunch under a store in the basement, then we came home, ate supper and had free time. Janis (Lori) and I wanted to go to Baskin Robins but we couldn't because we were drying dishes.

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Meeting the Japanese girls

Today we woke up and went to flag raising. Then this girl Tara fainted and it was scary. We had pancakes for breakfast, then we played this wide game for a long time. Then we went to the craft hut and I painted a cherub angel. Then we had free time. Then we had lunch (noodles and meatballs) it was really pretty good! Then we had round robin and Lindsay cut her crepe paper the wong way for the pinata so I kept some. Then we had dinner (ham and potatoes and pineapples). Then we had evening program and we sang our patrol song. C-O-L-O-R-I-N-E-S Colerines will make you JUMP JUMP Red patrol will make you JUMP JUMP Yeah Colorines! We played Capture the Flag and Ant, Lori and I all got put in jail four times. Then we went to bed and we talked to some Japanese girls and we listened to their music and they listened to ours. We kind of communicated with their dictionaries and using hand signals and stuff. One girl even heard of the Pumpkins before so I gave her one of my pictures. It was a lot of fun! Their music is really cool!

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Olympic stadium

Today we went to the Olympic Stadium and then a shopping mall and I bought two Billy shirts and ate lunch. Then we came to Our Cabana and played some mixing game, ate supper and sang songs. I played one of their guitars here but it was out of tune so it didn't sound right.

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Fancy dinner

Today we ate breakfast at Ticalli as usual, then we went to the market and I bought some belts for Dad and Grandpa and a lunch pail. Then we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe and I bought a sweatshit and we took the bus back to Ticalli. Then we got dressed in our dresses and they made me change because my dress wasn't appopriate. Then we saw a five car pile up on the way to the restaurant then when we got to the restaurant, some guys crashed a car into a tree, ran out and some police started shooting their guns in the air and we had to go inside so we didn't get to see the rest. After dinner we went to the highest building in the world, the Torre Latino Americana. Then our tour guide paid for a band to come and play to us off the street.

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Folklore dance

Today we took a small, small bus to a folklore dance and I took a lot of pictures. Then we went to take a boat around this market in the Floating Gardens. Then we went in the market and I only had enough time to buy a necklace. Then we went to the University of Mexico and came back to Ticalli and ordered a pizza and basically rested the rest of the night.

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Today we took a tour of some of the churches around and they are really beautiful! After that we went to the cactus gardens and drank some cactus juice and tequila. Then we went to La Casa Del Cabrito to eat lunch and some Mexican guys even played guitar and san for us. We boarded the bus and got to the pyramids. Brie, Erica and I thought we had to be back at 5:15 but it was really 4:15 so we got into touble and we promised we would go to bed right away. Then we went to VIPS again for supper and two Mexican scouts invited us to a dance but we couldn't go.

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Shopping in Mexico

Today we went shopping downtown and I bought a cool little green hat. Everything is so cheap! Then we went to like, a big souvenir store and I bought a real Coke bottle! Then we went to Shirley's for lunch and we had a buffet. We had to show them our ticket each time we went up so it took us a while to figure that out. Then Brie, Eric and I decided to venture out and get some pesos, we crossed the street and almost got run over. The streets are <u>always </u>busy here. Then we had a our of the rich part of the city and went back to Ticalli to get ready for dinner at Sanborn's. Brie and I got the same thing there but we didn't know what it was called but it was good.

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Flying to Mexico City

Today we woke up at 5 a.m.! We had to catch the shuttle at 6:10 to the aipot. There were so many legal things to go through! But the plan finally took off at 9:30 and we were on our way to Mexico! Most of the things they said on the speakers was in Spanish so we couldn't understand hardly anything! But the view from the window made up for everything! It was so breathtakingly awesome I couldn't believe it! We saw the CN Towe and the Sky Dome! But not Niagara Falls. During the landing we had to fly through thick clouds so there was a lot of tubulence, which was cool. We watched Mr. Holland's Opus and cried through practically the whole thing! When we got to the Mexican aipot, boy was everything different. There wasn't as much security and everything seemed more cramped and busy. We had to wait for a long time fo the bus to come and take us to Ticalli House. When we got there we claimed our bunk beds and went to supper at VIPS and I had tacos that didn't look like tacos and it was weid. I also bought some candy, I guess it wasn't supposed to taste good and I gave it to everyone. All these Mexican people were laughing at me.

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Ontario Adventure Trip

Today we arrived at the Holiday Inn and we had a little meeting, played games and then we said goodbye to our parents. Then we made ornaments for the Cabana and had a snack, fruit and cakes. Then we went to Pat and Mario's in the Venture Inn across the street.

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