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September 1996

Dousing Greg with condiments

Everybody that was up decided to douse Greg with condiments cause he was sleeping so that's what we did. We put ketchup, mustard, dish soap, trail mix and bread on him so that the birds would land on him and peck his guts out. Then we took pictures... What seemed like many hours afte that we ate breakfast and cleaned up camp and went home. We stopped at Algonquin Outfitters and I bought a cool keychain.

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Capture the flag and sunrise

Today I finally washed my hair, it feels so clean! We had breakfast and went on another canoe trip to a waterfall. The waterfall was so ugly it was just a bridge with water running under it. Then we canoed further down the creek and Tyler Peroshe started a water fight but Kevin Dicato didn't want to go so we didn't :( We went to like, a deserted island and ate lunch, then canoed back to camp. After that we went on a nigh hike where we had to follow a rope around obstacles while blindfolded. Then we played an awesome game of Capture the Flag where we won cause Kurt was on our team. We had a password, it went like this:


"How much?"


After that, mostly everyone went to bed but Kevin, Suzy, Angela, Quin, Greg, Shannon, Mark and I. We stayed up the whole night and watched the sunrise.

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Centennial Ridges trail

Today we went on a hike called Centennial Ridges. It felt really good to finish but going through it was so tough. It took us like five hours to do! When we got back we each got a pop and it tasted so good! Then we rested for a while and we went out in canoes, it was so dak and peaceful, it was great! We even got to see some northern lights. When we came back, we got to listen to some CDs, it was like heaven. Then, after some Tragically Hip and Tea Party, I went to bed.

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Today we had yummy oatmeal, eggs and sausages for breakfast. Then we went down the road and went on a canoe trip for about half an hour and we had a bagel sandwich for lunch when we got to a bridge. Suzy kept yelling at me for splashing her even though I wasn't doing it on purpose but the trees on the hills made up for everything. Then Nick, Kelly and I took a walk and tried to draw or write something but we ended up just talking and we didn't do anything. Then we canoed back to the shore but the wind was totally against us so it took us an hour to get back. After supper we had these stupid seminars that I already knew and I was really tired so I went to bed.

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Algonquin Park

Today we had a six hour bus drive, <u>yellow </u>bus drive all the way up to Algonquin Park. I had no one to talk to, everyone was sleeping! We ate lunch at Little Caesar's and I got a sucker! When we got to Algonquin we played some weird games (don't ask me). We had stir fry and chicken for supper and then went on a night hike. We had to feed our partners some food and then they had to tell us what memories they had of that food. Then we meditated while staring at the stars for a while and walked back home. Then Matt and Rick played their guitars around the camp fire and we had hot chocolate. They were really awesome. They played Disarm and Today just for me.

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