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September 1997

Centennial Ridges and a hair washing party

I'm still sick. Today we hiked Centennial Ridges...again. We didn't exactly hike it just for about an hour and back. I forgot all my rain gear. It looked like it was going to rain so I was worried and they wouldn't let me go back and get it so I had to use Zach's and Zach used Matt's. I didn't really need it. When we got to our spot we ate lunch and most of the people hiked the rest of the way around. But you know me. Why should I do something I don't have to? So, I stayed and drew pictures with the rest of the slackers. I walked back with Amy and Nat and fell at the very end on a slippery rock. When we got back, Nat and I had a hair washing party and of course, Amy showed up fashionably late :). We started talking to some kids from Stamford that just came here today, while our hair was all wet and soapy. Hee hee. Today was the best day all week!

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Moving to another site and howling

The old people on the sites around us complained too much so we had to move ALL of our stuf to our site that we had last year. Mr. Svasas took all of our stuff in the truck and we canoed over. It was cool remembering last year and seeing the same things again. We really didn't do much today, canoeing and setting up our stuff again. We went on another hike and sat in a field and tried to make wolves howl back at us. We walked back and I was feeling so sick I went straight to bed.

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Rain rain rain

Today sucked. It rained. Our tent leaked. I was miserable and plotting different ways to run away. We went on a hike with the "Friends of Algonquin". It was boring. Did I mention it rained? So anyway, it stopped pouring at around 5 p.m. when we were canoeing. Cool. I was instantly hyper and outgoing! But the rest of the stupid people here weren't. So I had no one to play with. That is why I am now sitting on a bench under a pine tree covered in needles. Later on that night, we went for a night canoe and had a campfire on the beach. The park ranger let us because people were complaining that we were being too loud. It was sorta fun anyway. I got to do some astronomy a little bit.

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Algonquin trip

Today we took a nice bus to Algonquin and watched a cool Japanese film, but they turned it off. Right in the middle! Anyway, we got to site #49 and set up our tents. I'm with Rachelle and Suzy again. We played some games by Bodanna...again and afer that had free time. I played tambourine with corn and Jeff. It was fun, until the park ranger came and told us to stop. :( Oh well. Our site this year sucks because we're surrounded by old people... Life sucks. I don't really like the people here that were here last year. But I guess some of the grade 10s are cool. Anyway, after supper we went for a night hike to somewhere God's never even heard of! There they blindfolded us, led us away two by two and told us to sit and listn and invision what you hear. Then Mr. Peters screams out "What the fuck is that?" and they started a big act like there was a bear and they lead it away. How stupid. Some people actually believed them too. And when he told them the truth they told him they would never trust him again and blah blah blah blah blah. PS This sounds crazy but I miss Josh!

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