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October 1997

Sessions and kicking people out of our room.

Today was fun. We had our sessions after breakfast. My frst one was geology. Sarah went to that one with me. We looked at different rocks and "mined" chocolate chip cookies. After that we had lunch and Emma, Ashley, Jenn and Heather all had astronomy next so we went to that. It was dumb and stupid. Then everyone went to Wilson and we sat around talking. So a few hours later we had supper and sang Video Killed the Radio Star and various songs off of Choose 80s. Good times. Then we got changed and played a weird game outside about some ogre that stole all the water from the town. It was fun. Then we played sardines and Emma hid under a tree and like 20 people walked right by us. Then we went in the long house and made bug costumes and played "frogs". After we got bored of that and they weren't playing anymore rave music, we went inside and watched Siser Act. (Not my choice) and washed the paint off our faces. After that we went back to our room, and Sarah and I slept on the floor of Emma, Heather, Ashley and Sarah's room. Then some girl came in that we didn't know, but she was stupid and we told her to get out of our room. Then we went to sleep after that.

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Rise Up Branch Out

Here I am again at another Girl Guide weekend gathering when I could be in Welland playing flashlight wars or watching the Ghandharvas at the Vault. Sometimes I wonder why I come to these things. I spend the weekend surrounded by social outcasts and wannabes and sometimes the occasional "cool" person. I'll be honest with you. I like Girl Guides. It may sound crazy but it's fun. I guess some of the major losers here need me... Now I sound like "little miss too good for you" that everyone at school tells me I am. I'll shut up now. Everone is equal no matter what they look like or act like cause remember, I used to be one of them. Maybe this weekend I'll changed someone's life like the "cool" people I met when I was like them. Anyway... I guess I'm writing this so I remember what I did. We drove up in some leader's van and I talked techno with this RETARD, Dawn that reminds me of Pat on SNL. We stopped at Weber's to eat supper and registered at Doe Lake. We got to sleep in the chalet again. I'm in a room with DAWN and a new girl Sarah. Heather, Ashley and Emma are my good friends but they knew each other already, you know how it goes. Tomorrow we do our sessions... It's 1:30 a.m.! Already! I'm going to bed!

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